2013: Some New Socks and Some New Goals

This morning, I kicked off the New Year with a brand new pair of socks.

SummersEnd White


I’m loving these socks for two reasons: the stripes and the thickness. Recently I’ve been intrigued by skinny stripes, so I couldn’t resist pairing my gradient handspun (Spunky Eclectic October 2012 Club – Summer’s End) with some grey CVM top I picked up from Long Ridge Farm at Rhinebeck. I spun the yarns at about a DK weight, making the socks thick, plush, and perfect for keeping my toes warm throughout the winter. I’m already wearing them as I type out this post, so I know they’ll get more use throughout the year.

Finishing my first knitting project of 2013 provided a perfect opportunity for me to reflect on what has been and what will be.

Last year was full of many milestones for me.


Bauble was published in Knitty as one of the First Fall surprises. The photos used hold extra significance for me. The white dress I’m wearing in them is my graduation dress. On the same day I graduated from high school, I ate a quick lunch, then ran out with my dad to snap a few shots in the beautiful June lighting. Seeing these photos always reminds me of two accomplishments of which I’m very proud.

In the fall of this year I started college, which naturally meant fewer blog posts as I got adjusted to a new group of friends, a new selection of courses, and a new place of residence. One thing that has stayed constant is my knitting.


Looking ahead, I’m excited for the new experiences 2013 will hold. There are some designs waiting in the wings, yet to be released. There are new yarns to be spun, new patterns to be knit, and new friends to be made.

This year, my New Year’s resolution is simple. Enjoy each moment. Be thankful for everything I have. Keep working towards what I want. Smile. Laugh. Live.

IMG_0311I hope your new year holds exciting opportunities as well, and I can’t wait to continue blogging throughout 2013!




Handspun Norwegian Longwool

I finished some handspun Norwegian Longwool singles today. It was my first time spinning something with such a long staple length. The fiber was Spunky Eclectic Club fiber from May 2011, a colorway called Angkor Wat.

I kept putting off spinning this fiber because I was afraid about “ruining” it somehow. I adored the colors, but I’d never spun Norwegian Longwool before, so I was afraid of overspinning the yarn and making it too hard and harsh. Eventually I just decided to give it a go and see what kind of yarn I would get.


Wheel: Suzie Pro, 6.5:1 ratio

WPI: 15/16 – quite thick and thin with a lot of variation

Total Yardage: 475

Total Weight: 3.35 oz

Slightly fulled to hold it together

I’m pleased with the finished result, and if anything I think it’s a bit underspun. I was so afraid of the wool being overspun that I put in as little twist as possible – just enough to hold it together. As a result, it’s not the strongest handspun ever, so I’m thinking of using it for a light and lofty shawl like the Storm Cloud Shawlette or Summer Flies. Any other suggestions?