Designer’s Challenge: Finished!

Presenting my finished top for the Designer’s Challenge Super Challenge!


It fulfills all three of the requirements – it is clearly a top, it has origami folds at the neck, and I talked about the stripes in the last post.


The origami neck detail is probably my favorite part. It is formed out of two long strips of garter stitch that are folded together. They spiral around each other when sewn to the top, and create a really interesting neckline.


I’m excitedly working on grading this pattern so that it will fit all sizes of knitters instead of just me. At some point, I hope to release it as my first ever top/sweater pattern! Stay tuned for updates.


17 responses

  1. I agree with Linda–you are going to have lots of new online friends–the shawl in knitty (and everything else I’ve seen here) is just beautiful–you obviously have a gift!

  2. It is a really impressive design and congratulations on your knitty shawl – one of the more beautiful I’ve seen. I will really look forward to watching for your designs.

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