Handspun Norwegian Longwool

I finished some handspun Norwegian Longwool singles today. It was my first time spinning something with such a long staple length. The fiber was Spunky Eclectic Club fiber from May 2011, a colorway called Angkor Wat.

I kept putting off spinning this fiber because I was afraid about “ruining” it somehow. I adored the colors, but I’d never spun Norwegian Longwool before, so I was afraid of overspinning the yarn and making it too hard and harsh. Eventually I just decided to give it a go and see what kind of yarn I would get.


Wheel: Suzie Pro, 6.5:1 ratio

WPI: 15/16 – quite thick and thin with a lot of variation

Total Yardage: 475

Total Weight: 3.35 oz

Slightly fulled to hold it together

I’m pleased with the finished result, and if anything I think it’s a bit underspun. I was so afraid of the wool being overspun that I put in as little twist as possible – just enough to hold it together. As a result, it’s not the strongest handspun ever, so I’m thinking of using it for a light and lofty shawl like the Storm Cloud Shawlette or Summer Flies. Any other suggestions?


2 responses

  1. Awesome job in spinning long wool. It’s definitely a challenge to get just the twist. I think you’ve succeeded wonderfully. Would like to see what you end up using it for.

    I’m not sure I’d use it for Storm Cloud or Summer Flies because they’re dense lace–that is, they have a good amount of stockinette. You may want to pair it with a more open lace pattern.

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